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We are going to be one big happy family!

I just received a copy of the book from my badass friend. I'm going to order a copy for each of my adult daughters, and a copy of "Be happy babe" for my 14 year old. We are going to be one big happy family! LOL


What a great gift to give your teen!

Loved 'Be Happy, B*itch' but is it possible I love 'Be Happy, Babe' more? I had such a big cozy smile on my face as I read through it. So much good, relatable, evidence-based information that both teens and parents can easily digest. What a great gift to give your teen!

Emily Newton

Buy. This. Now.

Not an ordinary self-help book. This is an amazing, practical, step by step guide filled with humor, love, and light that meets you on a real level to say “take action”. Tiffany Reagan is as authentic in person as she is in her writing ability, offering first hand knowledge on a subject that so many of us struggle with.

Marcella Stepp Rodarte

Buy this book Bitch!

Empowering and sassy! I keep coming back because I want to know what Tiff wrote next. Love her, love her book!

Terra Naught


This workbook, and the author, are transformative! With authenticity and fun, real language, Tiff’s book is helping me see that I am truly not alone in my struggle with anxiety and depression. I’ve battled with a fiercely negative inner dialogue my whole life. With physical health issues colliding with this dark inner narrative, every day is a challenge. Going through these pages has helped me center my energy on recognizing my strengths and is helping me find my happiness! 😊 Thank you, Tiff Reagan!

Jesse E

Active & Engaging

This is my favorite book in the self-help genre and the one I feel like I’ll turn to again and again. It has the right level of science-backed information and the participatory element makes it an experience that guides you. This is a book everyone can relate to.