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Be Happy, Babe


 Made with young adults in mind

As the most requested product since the original workbook launched, we are happy to announce that the clean version is finally here! This version of the workbook has special lists and activities that are framed for young adults but general enough for everyone. There are also new activities to help deal with rejection, negativity, and mean people.

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Get your butt back to happiness and positivity with this fun, easy-to-use workbook.

It’s filled with science-backed strategies to increase your happiness, practical advice and activities that really help improve your mood.

It’s time to feel happy again

Everybody feels low once in a while. Maybe you’ve felt depressed, angry, lonely, pessimistic, melancholy, grim, heartbroken, or bitter. That sucks! But, you don’t have to stay that way. Be Happy, Babe will teach you how to be happy and how to change negativity into positive thoughts. The workbook will help you get your crap together. Get your copy today!

Makes a great gift

A snarky happiness workbook is a great gift for your sister, your coach, and your sassy friend. You know who else would like it? Your teacher, your neighbor, and your mom!

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