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How to be happy: Get to know your true self

Why do I feel like this? How do I feel happier? Those are questions I’ve asked myself countless times. Maybe these are questions you’re asking yourself right now. I wish I could tell you exactly what to do, what to eat, or what to buy that will bring you instant happiness. That would be badass. But the truth is feeling happy is a mindset and getting there takes introspection and growth.

Happiness is knowing yourself.

Some people equate finding happiness to a journey, but I am not a fan of that metaphor. To me, finding happiness is an excavation. Imagine yourself as an archaeologist, brushing away history to reveal a beautiful treasure layer by layer. The more you sweep away, the better you understand what you’ve discovered. And you can find joy in the process.

When it comes to happiness, you are both the archeologist and the treasure. Being more self-aware will not directly make you happy, but it is the only way you will experience the personal development and growth true happiness requires.