Get your ass back to happiness and positivity!

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What makes Be Happy, B*tch different?

  • Strategies based in science to increase your happiness
  • Six-month happiness planner, including 90-day goal sessions
  • Practical advice and activities that really help
  • Fun and easy to use
  • Not filled with “good vibes” bullshit

It’s time to feel happy again.

Everybody feels low once in a while. Maybe you’ve felt depressed, angry, lonely, pessimistic, melancholy, grim, heartbroken, or bitter. That sucks! But, you don’t have to stay that way. Be Happy, B*tch will teach you how to be happy and how to change negativity into positive thoughts. The workbook will help you get your shit together with science-backed strategies and activities.

Makes a great gift!

A snarky happiness workbook is a badass gift for your little sister, your sarcastic co-worker, and your sassy friend. You know who else would like it? Your grandma, your neighbor, and your barista!

Is Be Happy, B*tch right for your loved one?

  • Does your friend have a sense of humor?
  • Have they been struggling or low on energy?
  • Is your friend letting negativity ruin too many of their days?
  • Does your friend need some motivation?
  • Are they a human or a human-like simulation?
    (Robots get sad, too)

If your answer was YES to any or all of the above, then the workbook is a badass gift.